Society for Applied Anthropology 2017


I attended the 2017 Society for Applied Anthropology meeting in Sante Fe from 28 March – 1 April with my mentor, Carrie Pomeroy. The highlight was presenting a paper in the session titled “Interdisciplinary Perspectives for Managing Marinescapes” along with talented folks from University of Alaska Fairbanks, U Saskatchewan and the U of Maryland.


For my talk, “Social-ecological coupling in the central California nearshore, commercial fishery”, I focused on fisheries landings data from 1995-2015 and interpreted trends in this data using qualitative data collected from interviews with nearshore fishermen. Despite the fact that I got many suggestions to significantly expanding this project (something I’m not currently looking to do at the end of the 5th year of my PhD work), I gained so much just being able to interact for a week with professionals doing fisheries anthropology, oral history work, resilience theory work, and generally social science that is directly relevant to fisheries policy. 


Oh, and Sante Fe was beautiful. EVERYTHING was blooming and the art was incredible. 


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