Get Involved – Research Volunteers Needed!

Predator Production in the Kelp Forest

We’re currently in the middle of a very strong year for recruitment of juvenile rockfish – go diving, you’ll see juveniles everywhere!  What does this mean for predators that rely on juvenile rockfish as prey or for invertivores that supplement their diet with juvenile fishes during strong recruitment years?  Does a high density of juvenile rockfish translate to healthy, fast-growing predators?  We’re looking for volunteers to assist with diet component analyses for thirteen species of rockfishes, to collect field samples (think, fishing!), and to help analyze rockfish otoliths to determine annual growth.

This is a great opportunity to develop fisheries  research skills and gain experience thinking about fisheries ecology.  To volunteer or learn more, contact Rachel Zuercher, with a short statement of interest.

Not into fish, but still want to get involved with research in the RC Lab?  Interested in scientific diving?  Check out other opportunities with PISCO or other grad students here.